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November 2017 New Mortgage Rules

New mortgage rules are set to take effect on January 1st 2018. Currently only home buyers with less that 20% down are being stress tested. Starring January 1, 2018 all home buyers will be. Who may be affected: 1.  New Home Buyers 2.  When you go to renew your mortgage. 3.  Refinancing 4.  Investors What ……. Read More

September 2017 Report

Are We Off The Ride Yet?Are We Off The Ride Yet? Yes, it was a ride and not a fun one at that. This past spring market was on ‘the wrong side of reason’ (for what felt like an eternity!) so you can bet we are happy to report that the market is more of ……. Read More

October 2016 Report

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends! We are most thankful for you!:) and trust you all had a wonderful long weekend of good food and good company. I know I did and Mike spent his weekend performing the Canadian classic “close up the cottage for the winter”. Summary of current market conditions/headlines: – New government to be implemented ……. Read More

February 2016 Report

To sum up what we can expect in Guelph over the next 3-6 months:  An aggressive Seller’s market fuelled by lack of supply and plenty of demand. Read on for indicators, insights, and market data. Want to discuss the possible impact this information could have on you and yours? Mike and I would love to ……. Read More

2015 1st and 2nd Quarter Report

Wow – the last six months are an absolute blur. Mike and I did our best to keep up with the fast-paced market that was the first 6 months of 2015. A highlight of that 6 months: Many of you made it over to check out the new office space and enjoy a coffee with ……. Read More

2014 4th Quarter Report

A delayed 2014 4th Quarter Real Estate Review along with a quick glimpse and projections of what to expect in the first quarter of 2015.  Firstly, sorry for the delay on this review. As many of you know, Mike and I made a big career change and moved our practice over to the brand new ……. Read More

Commercial Downtown Guelph Parking

Thinking of opening or moving your business to the downtown core? Why wouldn’t you. The location is easily accessible by all parts of the city, many different property zones will allow you to operate there; the architecture and community are second to none. One often over looked aspect is parking; the ugly parking lot or ……. Read More

2014 3rd Quarter Report

3rd Quarter CMHC Real Estate Review  with National and Ontario Outlook. Good news! In my review of the previous quarter I had suggested that there could be some market concerns regarding a “flooding” of new multi-unit starts that could, with the help of other market factors, cause a real estate market pause or decline. What ……. Read More

2014 2nd Quarter Report

2nd Quarter real estate market review and projections – for full information, data and CMHC projections please visit www.cmhc.com New home starts of multi-units (town-homes/condos) are up over the previous year with inventory (non-sold units) higher then historical average. What does this mean to you? Buyers – you should have more selection and likely more negotiation room ……. Read More

2014 1st Quarter Report

2014 First Quarter Real Estate Market Review  For those of you who have been searching for a home you will know that the market has been very solid Sellers market. Contributing factors to the Sellers market; 1)     Classic low spring market supply with high spring market demand. 2)     The residue effects of one of the hardest winters ……. Read More



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